Transforming the space below

Bright, airy and beautiful. Urban Umbrella captures a bit of magic below its canopy. Urban Umbrella transforms the dark, dismal space below conventional sheds into a place to enjoy.

For us city dwellers, sidewalks are where we spend the best part of the day. From breaks for coffee during a long work day, to a summer lunch date with friends. Sidewalks are the place for rest and respite. For New Yorkers, the sidewalk is OUR mall, OUR car and OUR farmer's market. It's the place the kids pick out the tree at Christmas time.

It's time to claim them back.

The following UU features will capture your heart:

"The design has beautiful lines and is light and airy, allowing more room for the pedestrian and more visibility to and from storefronts. The Urban Umbrella will add immensely to New York City's public realm." -City Planning Commissioner Amanda M. Burden