We've got you Covered

Providing the highest level of pedestrian protection.

Engineered with superior materials, Urban Umbrella delivers more strength, higher rigidity, more sustainably with greater efficiency. Urban Umbrella is engineered to protect you in ways you might never have imagined.


Urban Umbrella is engineered to withstand an incredible 300lbs per sq ft. That's over three times stronger than the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. Urban Umbrella is over-designed for that one instance when something falls from a skyscraper. Made of 50ksi high-strength steel alloy, the design is safer than the current model because it is more resistant to the forces associated with falling debris, vehicle accidents and strong winds. Replacing the current shed's plywood decking; the Umbrella uses a polymer compound developed by the aerospace industry. The Building Department set extremely high standards for a series of accident scenarios. The engineering team have been preparing for years for the moment they hope never comes.


The Umbrella has two layers of protection to absorb the energy of falling debris. The first is the steel and e translucent roof surface are impact-absorbing members that minimize the energy of falling debris. Below the roof are the Umbrella arches which provide a second layer of protection.


The Umbrella is precisely assembled to your sidewalk. Its swivel mount feet grip the sidewalk, providing enhanced stability and control. No more duct tape, no more wood shims, the Umbrella is a balanced precision stable system.


You have enough to think about without having to remember to inspect your Sidewalk Shed. The Urban Umbrella includes regular maintenance by our support staff to inform you of any damage. It may sound simple, but it can help you avoid a failure due to construction damage or vandalism.
"The Urban Umbrella is the size of a bus shelter, but possesses the strength of a highway bridge." -Sarrah Khan, Urban Umbrella Structural Engineer