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Urban Umbrella is a collaboration between Young Choi and architect Andres Cortes and structural engineer Sarrah Khan from the New York based design firm Agencie Group.

Like many designers, the Cortes, Khan and Choi love a challenge. And their challenge with Urban Umbrella was especially intriguing: make something as elegant as a sculpture and as strong as a highway bridge. The three were an ideal team to tackle the assignment. Cortes and Khan have worked together for many years at Agencie and their backgrounds include innovative engineering projects and stylish spaces. Young is a thinker. And one thing he thinks about a lot is scaffolding.

All three designers have always had a keen interest in how things work. Cortes says he "knew his way around a construction site from the time he was six years old."

"There is a lot of opportunity to affect the quality of peoples lives' in this project," Cortes says. In NYC alone sidewalk sheds snake more than 1,000,000ft. "On the walk to work, on coffee breaks, New Yorkers are make their way through these dark ugly structures."

"With the Umbrella, problems are complex, but they require simple solutions," says Khan. "With the Umbrella we evaluated the form based on how it structural behavior and how it looked."

"I believe design helps us understand the world we live in and connects us to one another," says Khan. "The best projects promote balance, harmony, and simplification of our complicated lives."

Agencie - Architects & Engineers
Andres Cortes AIA, Sarrah Khan PE, Will Robertson, Todd Montgomery and Scott Wagner.

Young Choi - Designer