The question is...what does the other shed cost your business?

Retailers estimate that gross sales decrease up to 30% when a shed goes up in front of their building. For a 600SF shop in Manhattan, this amounts to $40,000 lost revenue annually. The cost of the Urban Umbrella is far less than the cost to your business.

Smart building owner's like to have happy tenants. What is the cost of losing a tenant because their volume has been impacted by the installation of a conventional shed? In today's market, every competitive advantage counts.

Urban Umbrella is a premium luxury you'll consider a must have. Now you've seen what it can do, you're one step closer to experiencing it at your building.

Pricing for the Urban Umbrella is dependent on how long, how high, how wide, and for how long you wish to have the Umbrella installed at your building. We also work closely with installers looking to use the Umbrella at one of their projects. For more specifics Request a Quote